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1. Aziz Yardimli, A Logical Analysis Regarding the Balkans
---------Mr. Chomsky looks at the facts through his anarchistic point of view. He perceives the reality
---------as it is seen in its negative image, that is, relative to the concepts he is obliged to put into the
---------picture according to his anarcho-socialistic ideology. For him, the murder of 2000 people was
---------Original Text - 1999 - (FACTS AND CONCEPTS)

2. Aziz Yardimli, The PKK Question, The Hatred in Middle East and Europe
---------Through the categories of the ideology, the reality is always painted so as to be agreeable to 
---------the ‘morality’ of the ideological mind. For a fair observer, it becomes a lie. In it, any fact can be 
---------given any attribute according to wishes of the subjective intellect.
---------Original Text - 1999 - (FACTS AND CONCEPTS)