2007, October 6-7

An answer to a question 
from Alan Sokal 

SOKAL: "One thing that confused me on your Web site was the classification of Newton, Hume and Einstein as "irrationalism".  Are you perhaps using that word in a different sense than the way I understand it?"
YARDIMLI: Here is a both rational and emotional answer. In order to keep it short, I will not elaborate and in many places omit the genealogy of ideas....

The PKK Question - 
The Hatred in Middle East and Europe

The new old. The frozen development, or absolute resistance to history: Kurdish settlement in Harran in southeast Türkiye. Democracy—the Will of people to govern itself, the rule of Law as the concrete assertion of freedom—never took root in the Kurdish feudal regions. Kurds knew only the order given by their landlords to vote for the clan leader’s party. The landlords owned both the land and the people living on it.

A Logical Analysis Regarding the Balkans
in the Light of an Article by Noam Chomsky

Before the commencement of the NATO aerial bombardment over Yugoslavia, more than 2000 people had been killed and hundreds of thousands forced to leave their homes. Mr. Chomsky opposed to the bombardment which was undertaken to prevent the possible full scale mass destruction. Not because he had a better idea. He found it outright illegal. He proposed simply to DO NOTHING to stop it on the pretext of respecting and strengthening the international law, while the latter, as it was epitomized by the Security Council, would exactly have dictated the same: DO NOTHING, just as it DID NOTHING in the case of Bosnia before. 

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